Nalin DeSilva: Author / Artist

Hi. I’m Nalin, the artist, writer, and founder of Agnes The Adventurer. Around 2010, when my eldest daughter was about 3 years old, I wanted to develop a character for children, embodying confidence, strength of character, empathy, and kindness. I wanted to create artwork that would show off the world that this little girl would adventure through. 

Within a few months of writing and drawing, I created the concept of ten-year old Agnes and her best friend, Archie — a huge blue dragon that she saved from imminent death. I imagined a world where Agnes and Archie would meet different characters, both good and bad, and fantastic animals and creatures that help to change Agnes’ life. The idea of the Agnes The Adventurer stories is to inspire children to get in touch with nature and their imaginations. 

Growing up in Papua New Guinea and Australia, I was surrounded by rain forests. A lot of my time was spent running through them, collecting the unique insects that were everywhere. I also read a lot. Herge’s TinTin stories, Goscinny and Uderzo’s Asterix and Obelix, Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan, Robert E. Howard’s Conan, and books by Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, Frank Herbert, and others. Without television and electronic devices, I used my imagination to build my own toys, and I drew and painted. A lot. Looking back, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to express myself through my own creativity. I had a childhood where I spent so much time outdoors, playing, and exploring. 

While developing Agnes the Adventurer, it was important to me to pull from my childhood experiences. Agnes must stand as a symbol of bravery, confidence, and toughness for children everywhere while being compassionate and having a deep and enduring love for animals and the Earth. I hope the world of Agnes inspires you to share her stories with your children.

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