Agnes the Adventurer is a bold, brave and confident girl. 

In 2012, artist and author Nalin DeSilva wrote his first children’s book, Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon. The story of a little girl who becomes friends with a huge dragon has intrigued readers of all ages and Nalin has long been determined to re-release a revised version. Please continue to visit this page and we will provide updates as soon as possible!

Who is Agnes The Adventurer?

Confident, empathetic and brave. These are just a few words to describe a young girl who saves a huge, blue dragon from certain death, and ends up going on awesome adventures. Created by artist and designer Nalin DeSilva, Agnes the Adventurer blazes her way through her world, offering help to those in need and using her strong will and razor wit to get past the challenges she encounters. Tenacious, resourceful, sincere and positive, Agnes is curious by nature, and she adventures with Archie, her dragon friend, meeting faeries, monsters, mermaids, robots, centaurs, dragons and a host of other creatures, both gargantuan and tiny!


You can still buy the ORIGINAL Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon printed book about the brave little adventurer Agnes, and her friend Archie, the huge, blue dragon. The book contains two production sketches that Nalin used as the basis of his final artwork. This is a terrific book to read to the little adventurers in your family, and addresses traits such as confidence, bravery, friendship, and the belief in oneself.

Softcover | 32 pages | Trim size: 8.5 x 11 in



The Agnes the Adventurer brand is all about empowering our kids.


Nalin DeSilva, a self taught artist, wrote his first book after his eldest daughter was born.


Roughs, concept artwork, finished art and photography from the Agnes world.

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A mysterious and forboding forest. A huge butterfly trapped in a monstrous spider’s web, struggling to get free. A beautiful mermaid who is unable to help her sisters, and an overbearing, evil one legged pirate who is bound by greed. These are some of the characters in the Agnes the Adventurer books; stories of bravery and friendship. Spine tingling events and moments of pure joy. Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon and the second book, Agnes and the Mermaid Queen will delight children and anyone who loves adventure.
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Who is Agnes the Adventurer?

Everything you’ve wanted to know about Agnes and her friends.

Author & Artist

Agnes the Adventurer creator, Nalin DeSilva, shares his thoughts.


Lookbook, roughs and finished artwork from the Agnes world.

What People Say

“How nice it is to read a children's book with a strong little girl in the lead. Agnes is a spunky and brave character, and she's not bratty, whiny, or sassy. You know Agnes is brave because she isn't afraid of insects. Her first adventure could prove helpful in encouraging young children not to fear the creepy crawlies that are out there in the world. The illustrations are also vibrant and amazingly detailed. If you're looking for a book with a female main character who is not a princess, this is a great one to check out!”
Lee Anne

“I loved the imagination involved and showing the kids the possibilities - that the unexpected can be wonderful and exciting! Also that trusting your instincts is important and can lead to good things.”

“The artwork was gorgeous. I loved Agnes’ assertiveness. She seemed so real.”

“Such a great story for children and it's a MUST READ by parents and teachers! I cannot wait to read about Agnes’ next adventure!”

“I loved her fearlessness. Both in her ability to follow her instincts and also her ability to embrace the beauty of the dragon and the butterfly. That’s a characteristic that should be predominant in all her future adventures.”

“She is spunky and fearless.”
Verified Reader

“I love the adventurous spirit, her tenacity and the fact that she's a GIRL!”
Verified Reader

“Thank you for having a strong character like Agnes for her to look up to!”

I see Agnes as a spunky girl who doesn’t let herself get bullied — because she believes in herself. She is driven by her desire to ‘fix wrongs’ and wants to stand up for what she believes in. That drive is greater than her fears so her actions appear as brave. What makes her endearing is that, like any other child, she has fear and she feels and acknowledges it. What makes her stand out and be ultimately inspirational is that she pushes through her fear because she believes in what she is trying to do.
Verified Reader

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