The Wheat Of Zeus

It’s persimmon picking time again. We planted this Fuyu persimmon tree a few years ago, and every October it gives us a ton of fruit. My eldest girl loves to eat them though my little one has developed a somewhat reserved feeling about them.




Persimmons are the fruit of a number of tree species in the genus Diospyros. The word Diospyros comes from the ancient Greek words “Dios” and “Pyros” which in so many words, means “divine fruit.” The literal meaning, though, is closer to “Wheat of Zeus.” The word persimmon however is derived from the Powhatan language, and means “dry fruit.”


Persimmons have a high glucose content and a balanced protein profile. They have been used in various medicinal and chemical purposes. The taste of Fuyu persimmons is very low key; crunchy and firm; slightly sweet and refreshing. It’s also easy to eat. All you have to do is cut off the stem area, peel the skin, the eat it whole. Or as my daughter likes to eat it, in thin slices, a handful at a time.


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